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Startup Summer Camp - Free, Online


Online Startup Summer Camp is brought to you by OTBC, OEN, TiE, Startup Weekend, SAO, and OAF.

This summer, you can take your idea and go through the steps to launch your startup and build an investor pitch, while getting feedback and meeting lots of people.

FORMAT: We'll post weekly online videos each of which covers a key task that's one aspect of preparing for an investor pitch. Week by week, you'll build a pitch deck, while developing and validating your business model.

Participants can ask questions online. In fact, you can do the entire boot camp, online, on your schedule (we know schedules are a challenge during the summer).

Optionally participants can meet each Thursday, at OTBC in Beaverton to share what they accomplished and get feedback from the group. We'll even have cash prizes!

Online participation is free. The cost for each meet up is only $10 to cover beverages and snacks.

Win an Investor Panel Review or Weekly Prizes

Three winners will be announced at the Finale on Monday, August 27 at OTBC. Each winner will receive an investor panel review - 10 minutes to deliver their presentation and 10 minutes of feedback.

We're looking for both entrepreneurs who want to participate and entrepreneur coaches that are willing to help answer questions in the online form. Sound interesting? Then sign up below and you'll be notified as each video is posted!

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