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Electronic Systems Pitch Competition

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And here are the presenting companies:


Finalists, pitching for $1,000:

  • NliteN - An LED light bulb designed for very efficient manufacturing
  • Odd I/O PDX: For music and science/tech education, a robot that is controlled with music
  • BikeTrak Inc. - Bike theft deterrence and recovery
  • Blueshift - Wireless speaker powered by fast-charging super capacitor

Runner-up Companies, competing for $300:

  • DongleKong - Universal video adapter, initially targeted to the Mac Lightning port
  • Hexagonal Research - Wireless environmental sensors for plant nurseries
  • SR Design - Improved gas mileage through optimized alternator use
  • TriggerFinger Research Institute - Neuromuscular feedback for physical therapy

The agenda

  • 3:00pm Network, enjoy a beverage, and mingle with the presenters
  • 4:00pm The finalist pitches
  • 4:20pm Panel Q&A and feedback
  • 4:40pm Runner up presentations
  • 5:00pm Audience vote for runner-up; awarding of checks
  • 5:05pm More networking time until 6pm

When: October 3, 2013, 3pm - 6pm

Where: Axiom Electronics, 19545 NW Von Neumann Dr., Beaverton, OR 97006 (Map)

Cost: Free

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Original Announcement

The Silicon Forest isn't just about web and mobile apps - it's about building electronic systems too.  If you're working on a startup that requires designing and building an electronic system, here's a chance to get some exposure, and perhaps win some prize money.

What's at stake?  $1,000 being put up by OTBC and electronics manufacturing company Axiom Electronics - and some valuable feedback on your technology approach and your business model.

So put together your pitch, and apply now for the Electronic Systems Pitch Contest.

The details.

We'll review the applications we receive and select 3 or 4 to present at the pitch event. Do you want to apply, get feedback and maybe win some prize money, but not do a public pitch? That's fine - just let us know in the application.

What: Electronic Systems Pitch Contest

When: October 3 2013 3pm - 5pm

Deadline to apply: Sep. 10, 2013

Cost to apply: Nothing!

P.S. And this is just a first step - stay tuned for big news about an Electronic Systems Incubation program that will include design help, hardware prototyping, entrepreneur coaching, and cash.  To get on the list to hear more about the Electronic Systems Incubation program click here.


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