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Beaverton Announces $100K West Side Fund and Startup Challenge

The City of Beaverton announced today the West Side Seed Fund and has teamed up with OTBC to create the Beaverton $100K Startup Challenge. The Challenge is sponsored by the city and Westside Startup Fund, LLC, and each will contribute $50,000 to help five startups kick-start their business with coaching and mentoring support from the OTBC.

Read the full release here.

FAQ are here.

Read more, and link to the application form here.


New Book: The Savvy Corporate Innovator

Exciting news from one of our past OTBC residents! Dorian Simpson has just launched his book, The Savvy Corporate Innovator. While his book’s focus is to help innovators inside established companies, the book is very appropriate for startups and provides practical tools, strategies and tips that follow the Lean Startup methods. It’s definitely worth a look.

A great attendance to the May Founder CoFounder Event

We had a great turn-out on Friday for the Founders Seeking CoFounders event - 30 attendees. Not bad for a Friday afternoon! Startup concepts covered quite a range. A sample: drinking-chocolates, tethered wind power, SaaS for students seeking a job; faster fermentation; hardware for real-time conversion of 2D video to 3D; productivity tool based on a post-it notes paradigm; and on-demand delivery for retailers. Sound interesting? Check out the startups here.

Pitching a Panel for Idea Feedback might be a Poor use of Time

I just finished reading an email asking for people to volunteer for a panel to give students feedback on their startup idea, and that made me reflect on the whole idea of pitching an 'idea'. I generally find that having people "pitch their idea" to a panel for feedback isn't that helpful. The panel has no better crystal ball than the entrepreneurs - or than investors.

West Side PubTalk (tm) a Rousing Success

More than 50 people registered for the first West Side PubTalk on May 20 at the Golden Valley Brewery to learn about Crowdfunding.  Ryan Frayne and Zeke Comusio with Windcatcher Technology and Mike Whitehead and Ron Khormaei  wtih FINEX Cast Iron Cookware shared their lessons learned from their recent Crowdfunding experience.   Windcatcher Technology raised $149,405 in 30 days, 298% of their fundraising goal, and FINEX raised $211,027 in 30 days, 844% of their fundraising goal.

7 Steps to Finding a Co-founder

Finding a co-founder takes networking, but that networking will be more effective if you take the time to be prepared.  And even without a co-founder, you can make headway in moving your business forward, and that, by itself, is very empowering.  Here are 7 steps that will help you move your business ahead while increasing the odds that you'll find the right co-founder:

OTBC Receives Highest Rating in PSU Study

The Oregon Technology Business Center (OTBC) received the highest possible ranking in the Oregon Founder’s Study, a collaborative study performed by the Oregon Entrepreneurial Network (OEN) and Portland State University (PSU) Associate Professor Charla Mathwick. 

“Based on that question, OTBC was ranked as one of the top providers of services to the local start-up community,” said Mathwick. "Founders have told me that the best advice for guiding their business often comes from fellow founders.” OTBC was rated among many mentors, but was the only incubator that received top honors, 3 out of a possible 3. 

5 Things you MUST Understand Before Raising Money

Confused about new SEC rules? You’re not the only one. While the entire Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) has yet to come into effect, parts of it have, significantly changing the landscape for entrepreneurs trying to raise money for their companies.

Here are 5 things you MUST understand before raising money:

Before you Pitch, Understand the JOBS Act

The parts of the Act that went into effect in September of 2013 have a big impact on how you verify whether an prospective investor actually does qualify as an accredited investor. That's just one of the considerations you'll need to understand before making any public pitch.


          Lexus Nexus: Demo Days, Pitch Events and the New Reg D

Hardware Pitch Contest Results

WinnersThe inaugural Hardware Startup Pitch Contest culminated in an October 3 pitch event.  Joint sponsors were OTBC and Axiom Electronics, who both donated cash for prizes.

Vivek Manoharan (Odd I/O) was the $1,000 winner, with Shashi Jain (Dongle Kong) winning the $300 runner-up prize.

Four startups were finalists, and they presented their pitches for the $1000 cash prize. They were:


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