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Closing an Angel Investment - Step by Step

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Join us for this 2-hour workshop at Ater Wynne's office in the Pearl.

indecisionWhat are the process & steps of closing an angel round?  
How do you 
How are angel deals typically structured?  
How do you propose and negotiate terms?  
How does an investment actually close?  
What legal issues do you need to understand?  
How does the "sales" process work - from introduction to close?


Closing an investment can be confusing - we'll remove the mystery.

Attendees will receive:

  • Examples of angel-investment term sheets
  • A cap-table template for analyzing dilution
  • A directory of NW angel groups & angel conferences.

We'll have nexworking, snacks and beverages.


Tuesday, April 23, 3pm-5pm
Location: Ater Wynn, 1331 NW Lovejoy, Suite 900  (DIRECTIONS)
Cost:  $29/person  (includes food and beverages)

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